Bilingual MC - Ryoko Sumitomo

-Bobby Brown(Radio Interview) -Geroge Forman(Press Interview) -Asahi Newster CATV(Interpreter&Reporter "Hemingway's son in IDAHO") -Japan Amway "LS seminer;Product Fair" in Hawaii
-Power Television("smily vacation" bilingual narration) -Logicool new products conference(interpreter)
-Ventures Interview(interpreter) -Nihon Clinic Video(Bilingual Narration)
-lots of experience in International wedding reception party(New Sanno, American Club, restaurants, hotels,etc..), company reception party(Refco, Amway,Unysis,Resort Hotels in Okinawa, etc..).
*Correspondence in various situations, such as bilingual MC, Japanese MC, event MC, Narration etc. A category related especially is MC of the event in which casual adlibity is possible, and a party etc.

*Japanese = native language
*English = business negotiation respond can be possible [ including one by one interpreter, summary translation on the spot]
TRANSLATION / mainly English to Japanese translation
-Volks Wagen Auto Parts Brochure  -Red Hat Linux System administrator manual  -Travel itinerary
-Nippon Ericsson Training Manual  -Bluetooth International standard manual operation manual
-Corresponding letter  -BootsMC medical letters to governmant  -Automobile, Travel brochures
-Sports player Resume, promotion presentation book  -Overseas Artsits profile   -Hawaiian Books translation, etc...

MC Work / Japanese
-Business Show(Hitachi booth) -Yoyogi Sports Fair(Hitachi booth) -RV Show(Toyota)
-Toy Show(Bandai)-Good Living Show(National) -Ueshima Coffee event -IDO cell phone event
-Tokyota Heartful camping event-Toyota Amulux event -TaitoX55 event -Game Show(Taito booth)
-Shogakukan camp event   -Dance contest in Velfare -Windows World PC Expo(Logicool booth) -PC expo(Logicool booth)
-Logicool new products promotion conference -Shueisha"Maple"1st issue presentation conference
-Shueisha"Saichi Maruya"Lecture -Nihon Unysis"Club98 in Hawaii" -Kita CATV(announcer, narration)
-TV Tokyo"Kanpai"(Reception) -International Music Festival in Japan(Interviewer)
-FM radio Shonan(Personality) -TBS TV"Try it"(Reporter) -ORIX Automillion"Thanx98" etc...

-FM Kochi(CM)  -Bunka gakuin prep school   -Lily Prep School  -Nagano Olympic X rated luggage system instruction video
-JAF road service video  -Auto Auction(Narration) etc..

●Bilingual MC

Bilingual MC is to provide Japanese and English Bilingual Service including MC, Translation(Interpretation), Coordinate service. These services are all included in every project I join as a Bilingual MC.
Not only for the weddings, but also for the company reception, presentation, awards, product fair, press interview, reception party, any categories that are required Bilingual MC service, I will be happy to be part of their project.
Basic Services include:
・Ongoing announcement MC in English and Japanese.
・Interpretation/Translation service for the guest speeches.
・Table support/Attend service for the native guests(if required).

As a bilingual multi communicator, other than MC service, I do support English/Japanese communication service.

There will be no speech script required in advance for the Wedding, I do translate speeches on the spot.

●Bilingual Narration, Voice over
Narration both in Japanese/English for the Promotion Video for the company, Products Video, Commercial Video,etc.
●Book/Document Translation, Localization, Interpretation
This is a reference example of the charge which is needed before actually requesting me a bilingual work. These prices vary according to the amount, time, volume and other request. Please note price here are not fixed price.
Especially when you have a limited budget, I will ask your budget and try to adjust the charges as much as possible to your budget.
Please feel free to ask for details and prices from the Inquiry Form .
-2 hours party MC @50,000 up     -One day event MC @100,000 up     -Video Narration @50,000 up

-International marriage Wedding Reception MC @70,000 up
-Company Reception Party MC @100,000 up    -One day event MC @150,000 up
-Video Narration @80,000 up  
**Please inquire for other request, and details.

-Press Interview @70,000 up    -Interview interpretation @50,000 up
-Translation(Jpn=>Eng)@12/letter, (Eng=>Jpn)@10/word
-Transcribe(Eng=>Eng) @8/word
**Interpretation is "one by one" interpreter, I do not do "Simultaneous interpretation".

**Currency for the price is JAPANESE YEN.